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Wedding Favours

Mini Jars of Local Honey - £3.50

Cyprus has a long-standing tradition of honey making, producing a large number of high-quality and award-winning honeys that are known for their pureness.

The variety of honeys - ranging from clear and golden to thick and crunchy - take their distinct flavours from a bouquet of over 1,908 different flora including thyme, eucalyptus, orange blossom and polyflora.

Mini Bottles of Local Olive Oil - £3.50

Known as ‘liquid gold’, olive oil is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, enjoyed as a healthy dressing for salads, or as a versatile cooking oil.

At the end of the season, the black (mature) olives are pressed for oil, whilst the early green olives are preserved

Mini Prosecco from £5.95

All the ladies love a glass of bubbly, so why not give them a mini prosecco as their wedding favour to toast you as the new Mr & Mrs

Miniatures from £3.95

We can offer a number of different miniature spirits for your guests.  Gin, Vodka, Ouzo, Bacardi, Whiskey, Jagermeister.

Shot Glasses - £1.95

Why not add a shot glass with the miniature spirits! 

Small Jars of Sweets £3.50

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and the jars of sweets will be great for both the adults and the children.

Sparklers - £22 per dozen

Sparklers complete with Let Love Sparkle Tag and ribbon

Sunglasses £4.95

Don't let your guests be blinded by your love, why not give them a set of sunglasses for the wedding ceremony or a group photo later on!  You can bring stickers with you to personalise them!

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